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Written by TrafficSpeeders Administrators   

BearShare Ultra Accelerator BoxshotIf Bearshare is your weapon of choice – your preferred p2p downloading client – then why not having some extra special ammo to go with it?

Bearshare Ultra Accelerator is just that – a software specially designed to work with your file sharing application and significantly improve all its functions. It’s simple, it’s powerful, it’s reliable. You won’t even notice it – it runs from the shadow, never interfering with your other activities online, never requesting your special attention or skills.

In brief, Bearshare Ultra Accelerator saves you a lot of precious time by automatically exploring for more sources, getting your bandwidth utilization 100% use. The download process will be faster than ever experienced before plus, the application resumes interrupted downloads, clears downloaded and incorrect files.

BearShare Ultra Accelerator Screenshot


  •  Automatically searches for multiple sources at user-specified intervals;
  •  Minimizes into the system tray for faster and easier operation;
  •  Automatically resumes paused downloads;
  •  Saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up;
  •  Automatically clears downloaded and incorrect files;
  •  Shutdown when all downloads are completed;
  •  Automatically hang up dial-up connection when all downloads finished.


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Copyright Owners

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Downloading Files

There are many file sharing programs (ours included) that connect users to various P2P networks. Keep in mind that a user may use a file sharing program in violation of the law. Be careful when downloading files from other users as downloading a file from a user who is in violation of the law could you make you in violation of the law as well.

Copyright Infringement?

Your activities on peer-to-peer networks may be monitored by copyright owners. Violation of copyright laws may subject one to substantial money damages. Copyright owners have sued thousands of people for infringement of copyright over peer-to-peer networks.

Sharing Files

Everything you share with the P2P Networks becomes public and given enough resources, is trackable. To use file sharing programs legally, you must have the permission of the owner of the copyright rights in the file for each shared file.