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Movies, music, games and applications downloaded at tremendous speed!

This is a p2p file sharing software library set to offer the latest technologically available p2p accelerators/speeders to help you maximize your download experience. The library is on a continuous growing and developing and includes software paired with the world’s greatest file sharing programs.

Here you will find the best ad-ons available for your p2p file sharing clients – whether you are using uTorrent, Limewire, BitComet, Morpheus, BitTorrent, eMule or other popular peer-to-peer applications you are one click away from improving their performance and download the movies, music, and generally the stuff you want, faster and safer.

Don’t worry if you have no previous experience with such applications – they have been developed for extremely easy use – a program like this comes between your P2P client and the network interface, which is automatically detected (either Network card, ISDN card or modem), and acts as an optimizer of the traffic to get the highest possible speed for incoming data packets. You won’t have to bother yourself with anything but starting the application (and the file sharing client, of course) and then let it do its job.

Use of software trustfully – it is 100% safe and bundles No Adware, Spyware or other malicious piece of code!

Enjoy great download speed and simplicity!


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Azureus Ultra Accelerator

Azureus Ultra Accelerator is a program made to increase Azureus download speed. This useful and specialized add-on applies hottest technologies that can multiply the speed of any torrent download... Learn more...

Copyright Owners

We respect the concerns of copyright owners, and we are dedicated to help protect their works from online copyright infringement. If you are a copyright owner and would like to ask any question please send an email to

Downloading Files

There are many file sharing programs (ours included) that connect users to various P2P networks. Keep in mind that a user may use a file sharing program in violation of the law. Be careful when downloading files from other users as downloading a file from a user who is in violation of the law could you make you in violation of the law as well.

Copyright Infringement?

Your activities on peer-to-peer networks may be monitored by copyright owners. Violation of copyright laws may subject one to substantial money damages. Copyright owners have sued thousands of people for infringement of copyright over peer-to-peer networks.

Sharing Files

Everything you share with the P2P Networks becomes public and given enough resources, is trackable. To use file sharing programs legally, you must have the permission of the owner of the copyright rights in the file for each shared file.