Vuze Ultra Accelerator

Greater Download Speeds, Zero Costs!

vuze_ua.jpgVuze Ultra Accelerator is a tiny program designed to infuse extra power and resources into the Vuze p2p client client without any intervention from the user. The app is capable of automatically discovering additional download sources and configuring your Internet connection to best match your downloading needs. Slow downloads, interrupted downloads can be less of a setback once you have this free app installed on your computer. It feeds on very low CPU resources and can be handled by any type of user.
Vuze Ultra Accelerator comes with a clean, user-friendly interface which includes one simple window with five buttons you can operate (Start, Stop, Quit, Run Vuze, Minimize), which match the straightforward functionality of the program.
The app is modest in size but grandiose when it comes to download speeds – no more annoying lazy downloads and endless traffic clogs.

Important: You can download and use Vuze Ultra Accelerator FREE of charge and enjoy greater download speeds without risking any type of malware infecting your system!
Vuze Ultra Accelerator Screenshot

Vuze Ultra Accelerator includes the folowing features:

  • Download speed major boosting;
  • Nice, accessible interface;
  • Extended searching at user-specified intervals;
  • Automatically resumes paused downloads;
  • Saves configuration from last run and auto loads at system start-up;
  • Cleans complete and invalid files from queue;
  • Totally clean, totally free;

Vuze Accelerator is a download acceleration utility that works with BitTorrent client Vuze. The program offers perfect integration capability and automatically searches for more download sources than the original client. For those already using Vuze, installing this little app to go with it is all the effort the need to make to have their downloads faster than ever before.

Vuze Accelerator is a free little software developed as an optimizer for your p2p client’s main functions. Basically, it offers a better configuration that improves your bandwidth connection and fires up the downloading process through extra sources added in the searching.

Vuze Accelerator is a smart plug-in that increases the speed of your Vuze client

Vuze Accelerator is a download accelerator.

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