BearShare Ultra Accelerator

BearShare Ultra Accelerator BoxshotIf Bearshare is your weapon of choice – your preferred p2p downloading client – then why not having some extra special ammo to go with it?

Bearshare Ultra Accelerator is just that – a software specially designed to work with your file sharing application and significantly improve all its functions. It’s simple, it’s powerful, it’s reliable. You won’t even notice it – it runs from the shadow, never interfering with your other activities online, never requesting your special attention or skills.

In brief, Bearshare Ultra Accelerator saves you a lot of precious time by automatically exploring for more sources, getting your bandwidth utilization 100% use. The download process will be faster than ever experienced before plus, the application resumes interrupted downloads, clears downloaded and incorrect files.

BearShare Ultra Accelerator Screenshot


  •  Automatically searches for multiple sources at user-specified intervals;
  •  Minimizes into the system tray for faster and easier operation;
  •  Automatically resumes paused downloads;
  •  Saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up;
  •  Automatically clears downloaded and incorrect files;
  •  Shutdown when all downloads are completed;
  •  Automatically hang up dial-up connection when all downloads finished.


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(Update! Your download will be redirected to our high speed delivery network to improve download speed)